Michael Alan Fitzgerald Bio


Michael Alan Fitzgerald was too lazy to write his own bio, so he crowd sourced it.
“I am that dude, who did that”
Born on Krypton, but the shuttle landed in CNY……
At an early age Michael was motivated to get into sub b level movies after seeing the movie “Super Fuzz” numerous times in the theaters. Michael, he lives in the shadow of his more successful, handsome younger brother.
A Reliable professional. A Rascal, Respected, Righteous Dude!

(Note: Michael has been told that this bio is not what the organizers were looking for, so the remainder of this bio is (sigh) written by himself and (may) contain factual information.)

Michael Alan Fitzgerald is the official videographer of The Slaughter in Syracuse Underground Film Festival, mostly ‘cause he knows Vultra Video’s Jason West and works cheap.

Michael is best known in the Underground film community as the before (and slightly thinner) version of THE FUMIGATOR from the Vultra Video faux trailer and the guy walking around with the camera pestering the legitimate directors with questions.
In addition to Vultra Video Michael also works to create DVDs for Hewitt Films and E & H Productions, while occasional making films for his own production company FIENDISH FILMS. Michael once made a feature film that Rue Morgue’s Patrick Dolan described as “Beyond anything that could be dreamed up by Ed Wood or Charles Band, Victor Juliet’s Director’s Cut isn’t only one of the best so-bad-it’s-good films, but perhaps the finest dreck ever committed to the mini-DV tape.”

Michael spends too much time Twitter @MikeAFitzgerald while he’s not getting the work you asked him to do done.