Jay Kay Bio

Jay K and his silent yet deadly co-host “The Ghost” formed the live and uncensored horror radio program back in April of 2012 starting off with the chilling Rondo Nominated format of horror news, talk, music, features and reviews. The live and uncensored show has mutated into one of the leading horror radio programs around the world unleashing to the masses true and no gimmick horror conversations with the industries independent and main stream directors, actors, writers, artists… the ones who do the true meat work! The show continues to grow each episode with fans, followers and guests howling the praises of quality and smart horror radio every Tuesdays at 4 pm EST on Home Grown Radio NJ (HGRNJ.org) and now re-broadcasted on Xtreme Alchemy Internet Radio, Rock Rage Radio and Jackalope Radio. The show has grown to over 750 first time guests as we reach 5 years in April and have growing the fan base that varies every show.
A history of compelling, comprehensive, smart and entertaining radio, Jay Kay currently writes film, book, project and event reviews, for such online sites as HORROR NEWS NETWORK, TERROR TIME, FDTC NETWORK, INDIE MAC USER and THE BLOOD SHED. He has hosted panels at a variety of events including SLAUGHTER IN SYRACUSE, ROCK & SHOCK, HORRORHOUND, INFECT SCRANTON, HORROR HAPPENS FILM FESTIVALS, THE PALACE THEATER and more! This is Jay Kay thoughts on Independent and Underground Film Making.
“One of the aspects of the Horror Happens Radio Show over the near four years is the opportunity for guests to have an open forum for uncensored and smart horror talk about their projects, the dysfunctional family, shows and the culture. I have been so proud to open my doors to such a diverse amount of extreme, indie and underground minds like ToeTag’s Fred Vogel, filmmakers like Eric Stanze, Jason Hoover, Stephen Biro, Marcus Koch, Evan Makrogiannis, Dustin Wade Mills, Jason West, Brian Weaver, Tim Ritter, Adam Ahlbrandt, Michael MagGot and actors like a Demetri Kallas, Jason Christ, Erin Ryan, Allison Egan, Haley Jay Madison and more to be a part of that. Love listening, asking the questions I believe matter to the listener and myself to understand the method, the emotion, the construction of these projects that fall outside the studio bounds yet influence so many fans for generations! It’s an education with fans who are so smart, crazy and supportive on every level!
We hold no line of who is what or what drama was caused. We welcome all because of the respect we have for so many and the projects that they create every year that some we love, some cringe, some we wonder and some we sit back in awe. These are the films that push those boundaries no matter the level, visual, story or budget! That’s why when we have platforms and shows like Beneath the Underground, B-Movie.com, FDTC Network, Horror Realm, Slaughter in Syracuse, Housecore, Cinema Wasteland and more, how could you not want to dive into all this madness and brilliance of the underground movement? I know we engulf ourselves each week on the show live whether it’s hosting a film makers panel or a mention or a guest’s chat or an event review or going to a show to be a part of the sickness! We are proud that we can support it and be one of the few outlets in horror journalism and media to say all are welcome and drama can stay out the bunker door… It goes both ways with support but remember Fans, filmmakers, dysfunctional family and more… be a part of it!”