SinS 2016 Featured Guest

Brian Paulin:


Brian Paulin started learning special make-up effects while he was a junior in high school. Shortly after graduating, tired of simply taking photographs of his effects work, he started making short horror films with friend Rich George in 1990. After creating horror movies for friends to watch for a few years Brian discovered there was an underground horror scene through magazines like Film Threat Video Guide, and in 1994 Morbid Vision Films was born. Since then the company’s goal was to create original and outrageous horror films for fellow horror fans. Brian signed his first distribution deal in 1995 with Video Outlaw for his only non-horror film called Soon to be Dead. Since then Brian has directed At Dawn They Sleep, Dead Girl on Film, Bone Sickness, Fetus, BloodPigs and Cryptic Plasm. Brian was also included in Steven Spielberg’s film Amistad as an extra, as well as acting in commercials for MA Haunted attractions.

Morbid Vision Films



Bone Sickness Gallery

SinS 2016 Featured Guests

Nick Iway and John Lauterbach

We are thrilled to announce that filmmakers, Nick Iway and John Lauterbach will be joining us at SinS this year to present their film, ANDROGYNYM!

“A remarkably unique, and even profound film about transformation, addiction, and so much more.”
– Luke Ramer of BindTortureKast/West 2nd Productions

These two filmmakers wore many hats during the production of ANDROGYNYM.
Nick wrote, directed, and starred as, “Nym”, the film’s incredible lead character. John produced, did the special effects, the camera work for the beautiful animated segments, and co-starred as, “John”, in the film. This is the result of a true partnership.

For those who haven’t yet seen this dark and dramatic underground gem, you’ve got something very special in store!

For those of you who HAVE seen ANDROGYNYM… How AMAZING will it be to see this film up on the BIG SCREEN??!!
*Please check out trailer at the link below, and stop on by to give their Facebook page a “LIKE”.
Androgynym (2015)

Official Website
Androgynym Press Kit



SinS 2016 Featured Guests

Ruby LaRocca & Rich Mallery

Ruby was a featured guest at the first Slaughter In Syracuse in 2014!
We are absolutely thrilled to have her back! Better still, Ruby AND her co-director/co-producer/co-writer, Rich Mallery, will BOTH be in attendance to present their film, “Sociopathia” at SinS this year!

Ruby LaRocca began acting at the age of 9 in theatre. In 1999 she began her career in the film industry with independent companies. With her passion for the horror genre, she quickly moved up honoring the title “scream queen.” She also worked behind the scenes eager to learn as much as she could. In 2008 she wrote, directed, produced, and starred in her first short “Belated by Valentine’s Lover” which won many awards including a Viscera Film Festival award and the short played around the world. To date, she has been in over 70 films, music videos, and documentaries. Recently collaborating to direct her first feature, “Sociopathia,” in the future she plans to keep acting, writing, directing, and producing movies in the independent or horror genre she loves so much.

Starting out his career in distribution, Rich Mallery’s obsession with film led him to branch out to more behind-the-scenes roles where he has written and produced several feature films including “Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance” and the soon to be released “Darling Nikki.” Rich quickly took his love of filmmaking to the next level; writing, producing and co-directing his first feature “Sociopathia,” a raw and visceral horror film in the vein of genre classics like “Maniac” and “Repulsion.” Rich will be headed back behind the camera later this year where he will be writing and directing his next two features “Wormwood” and “Feline.”

Ruby Larocca

Rich Mallery




Sociopathia Gallery


SinS 2016 Featured Guests

Fred & Shelby Vogel

WE ARE THRILLED to announce that Fred and Shelby Vogel will be joining us at SLAUGHTER IN SYRACUSE 2016 to present The 15th ANNIVERSARY Screening of AUGUST UNDERGROUND!
This marks the 3rd year that Fred and Shelby will be in attendance at SinS! In 2014 The Vogels presented us with screening of REDSIN TOWER.
We are honored to have the co-founders of TOETAG PICTURES back with us to “Spread the Sickness”!
Please show some underground love, and join us in welcoming Fred & Shelby!

Fred & Shelby’s Bios

August Underground IMDB

August Underground Trilogy Trailer

August Underground Gallery

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SinS 2016 Featured Guest

Chris Woods:

I’ve always been a fan of movies ever since I was a little kid. When I first saw Star Wars I fell in love with that universe of make believe. I grew up on the great sci-fi and fantasy films of the 80’s. When I was 14 I saw Night of the Living Dead for the first time and I was hooked on the horror genre. At that age I knew what I wanted to be, a filmmaker. Cont..

The Sleaze Box



CHAOS A.D. Horror Society Article

Additional Chaos A.D. Images

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SinS 2016 Featured Guest

Ron DeCaro:


A divorced man tries to move forward with his girlfriend and their children. It is a tradition for him to capture one day a year on video for prosperity’s sake. On this day, the awkward new family ventures into a forested costal sanctuary for a hike. Shortly after finding a peculiar black stone on the shore, one of the children disappares in the woods. Now completely lost and unable to find the missing child, the sun is setting. Something is roaming the trees, stalking them in the darkness.

Indiegogo campaign video; with director demo reel and film description


SinS 2016 Featured Guests

Scott Schirmer and Brian K. Williams:


The film centers on a group of vacationing campers who stumble under the spell of a libidinous, otherworldly presence in the woods. Inhibitions drop and behavior becomes erratic as one of the friends tries to escape the carnal free-fall, ultimately bringing him face to face with the source of a mystery that will change his life forever.



Forbidden Films



Mostly Harmless Pictures

Effects by Clockwerk Creature Company

Scott Schirmer Bio

Brian K. Williams Bio

Special Guests

Jay Kay – Q&A Host

A fan of horror since he was a child, Jay K asked for a VHS copy of Night of Living Dead instead of school clothes at age 10. He watched and was influenced by such classics as Faces of Death, variety of Asian Horror, Godzilla, Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Fright Night, Universal Monster movies, Aliens & Friday the 13th through his younger years. His love of horror always festering inside help create the idea for The Horror Happens Radio Show which didn’t come into reality until 2012 as a part of Home Grown Radio NJ ( near the infamous Camp Blood in Blairstown, New Jersey. With over thirteen years of radio experience in such musical formats as swing, rockabilly, jazz, big band and psychobilly, it was a matter of time before the hunger consumed him… Cont.

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Twitter @horrorhappensRS & @Ghostjlk

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