Fred & Shelby’s Bios

Fred’s bio

After his pseudo-snuff classic August Underground (2001) gained the reputation of being the most disturbing movie ever made, Fred Vogel, co-founder of TOETAG INC., established himself as one of the most controversial filmmakers of the new millennium. August Underground’s MORDUM (2004) and August Underground’s PENANCE (2007) completed the violent Trilogy. In 2006, Vogel stepped away from the cinema-verite style he had used for the AU Trilogy and directed a linier tale entitled, The Redsin Tower, which showed his skill as a narrative director. Murder Collection v.1 (2009), Vogel’s 5th feature, is a mind opening look at how today’s new media has led to humanity’s desensitization to violence.
Also in 2009, Vogel co-directed MASKHEAD with screenwriter Scott Swan (co-writer of John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns) which has, much like his previous movies, drawn a cult following. In 2010 Fred directed his 7th film Sella Turcica (2010), which stars Camille Keaton (I Spit on your Grave) and tells a dramatic tale of a paralyzed soldier that returns from war to his family in worse shape than anyone at home could imagine. Fred Vogel is an award-winning director, whose passion for Horror has led him to create some of the most groundbreaking Underground films the genres ever seen.

Shelby’s bio

As one of the minds behind TOETAG, Shelby douses the world with her sickness as a producer, writer, and all-round artist. Through internalizing the chaos of everyday life she is able to harness the mayhem and create a blend of visceral art that is unique to the genre. She has produced all of the TOETAG films since 2003, acted, done still photography, costume design, and various other on-set jobs. As a writer her credits include “The Redsin Tower” and “Sella Turcica”.
In 2010 she was the production manager & photographer for Tom Savini’s segment “Wet Dreams”, for “The Theatre Bizarre”. Shelby has directed a scene in the Murder Collection entitled, “The Heist”, as well as recently directing and editing a short, “Stay” that appears on Jabb Pictures The Collective Volume III. Off set Shelby oversees the day to day functions of TOETAG, is a graphic artist, photographer, and screen printer.