Chris Woods Bio

I’ve always been a fan of movies ever since I was a little kid. When I first saw Star Wars I fell in love
with that universe of make believe. I grew up on the great sci-fi and fantasy films of the 80’s. When I
was 14 I saw Night of the Living Dead for the first time and I was hooked on the horror genre. At that
age I knew what I wanted to be, a filmmaker.
In the mid 90’s I moved from my home in Upstate New York to Tampa, FL to go to college. There I
started learning my craft and while I was there I help start their campus television station and started
my own TV show which was a horror anthology series called Creeping Death.
After graduating from college I started my career in local television, but wanted to really make
movies. A few years after that, myself and my good friend Simon Lynx made the feature film Bleed,
which was mockumentary/found footage movie about a horror film director that murdered his cast and
crew and himself on one of his films. For the next few years, Simon and myself did a number of
horror short films. Although Simon and myself have been making movies since our days in New
York since 1993, in 2002 we gave a name to our company, which is Icon Film Studios.
In 2007 I teamed up with filmmaker Shelby McIntyre and we produced a documentary on Tampa
legend and owner of the world famous strip club, Mons Venus, Joe Redner. The film was called Strip
Club King: The Story of Joe Redner. The film was released on DVD in 2009 and was available on
major cable video on demand outlets such as Time Warner, Bright House, Comcast, Cox, Verizon
In 2009, I got to work with one of my filmmaking heroes, The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon
Lewis. I got to be the editor on his film The Uh Oh! Show, which was directed by Lewis and
produced by Andrew Allan and Andy Lalino. In 2011 I teamed up with filmmaker John Miller and
the two of us made a few short films and started a web series called The Sleaze Box. On the show we
counted down Top 5 list to anything horror, sci-fi or exploitation.
In 2013 Icon Film Studios would branch out and make The Sleaze Box a brand with its first movie
release Amerikan Holokaust which is loosely based on serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.
The film has grown an underground following worldwide. The Sleaze Box made other films between
2014 and 2015 such as Make Them Die Sleazy, Naughty Dirty Nasty and $kumbagz.
Also in 2015 I teamed up with filmmaker Sean Donohue to make the slasher film Death-scort Service,
about a killer going around murdering prostitutes in Las Vegas. The film has become a favorite with
gorehounds all over. Sleaze Box also started releasing other titles from other filmmakers on its label.
Including films by Phil Herman, Terence Muncy and Joel D. Wynkoop.

As for the future, I am currently in pre-production to my latest film Chaos A.D., which will release in
the summer of 2016.
For more information on Sleaze Box films, and myself check us out at
CHAMELEON (1998) – director, writer, producer
BLEED (2002) – director, writer, producer
STRIP CLUB KING: THE STORY OF JOE REDNER (2008) – producer, editor
BRAINJACKED (2009) – editor
THE UH-OH! SHOW (2010) – editor
AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST (2013) – director, writer, producer
MAKE THEM DIE SLEAZY (2014) – director, writer, producer
NAUGHTY, DIRTY, NASTY (2014) – director, writer, producer
$KUMBAGZ (2015) – producer
DEATH-SCORT SERVICE (2015) – writer, producer, editor